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Things to see in Torino


Magazine: our bog about Turin

In our Magazine you will discover our amazing city, Turin, through the eyes of people that are living the city.

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Visit Turin, a 3-day itinerary

A 3-day itinerary to discover Turin, the Savoy Capital. Among iconic monuments, breathtaking views and galleries of yesteryear.

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What to do in San Salvario: the ultimate guide to the neighborhood

What to do in San Salvario: the ultimate guide to the neighborhood

Laying on the left bank of the Po river, the district of San Salvario has gone from being a dangerous, unsafe neighborhood, to becoming one of the trendiest areas in the city and the beating heart of the nightlife in Turin. Let's find out more!

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Weekend in Turin: what to see

A weekend in Turin: what to see when spending two days in the old capital of the Duchy of Savoy

Let there be no doubt, no city can be seen in just two days. Especially Turin. This may come as a surprise, but the old capital of the Duchy of Savoy is a city brimming with cultural museums, squares in which to while away the day, porticoes in which to enjoy a pleasant stroll, especially when it rains, historical cafés waiting to be sampled, and unique fountains...

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Valentine's day in Turin

What to do on Valentine’s Day in Turin: 5 romantic ideas to make Saint Valentine’s Day extra special

When we think about Turin, we don’t immediately think of its romantic side. When we think about love, the first Italian cities to spring to mind are Florence and Venice. But do you know what? Don’t underestimate the romantic and passionate side of the ever more dynamic city of the House of Savoy

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