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Must-see exhibitions in Turin

Spring has sprung in Turin, and with it a rich season of exhibitions enlivening the city and its museums. Here is a selection of exhibitions in Turin not to be missed in spring 2024!

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Turin with kids, 5 things to do in Turin with family

Turin has the ability to envelop you with a hug, to make you feel at home, but at the same time it can surprise you.

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Exhibitions in Turin not to be missed

Autumn has arrived in the city and with it the new temporary exhibitions, here are the ones not to be missed!

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Turin’s must-see attractions and special gems

Here’s a tour to discover the city’s unmissable attractions and some really special gems!

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Visiting the Egyptian Museum in Turin with the family

Visiting an exhibition, or worse, a museum with children is always a bit of a gamble: boredom and tiredness are there lurking around the corner, along with crying and screaming. Visiting the Egyptian Museum in Turin with children, instead, is a sure-fire bet, and will leave you with wonderful memories - you can take my word as a mum for it!

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Five art venues not to be missed in Turin in Italy

I may be too romantic, but Turin in Italy is a truly wonderful city. Here you can find 5art venues not to be missed in Turin!

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The magic of Turin's Parco del Valentino

Fairy-tale characters, wonderful castles, fascinating legends, an enchanted village... A thousand surprises await you in the Valentino Park. If you travel with children, this place will surely conquer them.

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Where to sleep in Turin with the family

When travelling as a couple, there are no particular requirements to be met, but when travelling with children, especially babies, there are many. It's not always easy to find a hotel that can fully satisfy them.

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Turin: an itinerary between elegance and sweetness

Although characterised by a long industrial history, today Turin is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant Italian cities to visit. The spring season is certainly one of the best times to discover Turin. We have put together 3 unforgettable outdoor experiences that are just perfect for this season.

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Shopping in Turin: my must-see destinations

When organising a weekend in Turin, people usually think about visiting museums, squares, palazzos, churches...well, I also think about going shopping! So if you’re a shopaholic like me, you’ve come to the right place! Here are my 5 tips for shopping in Turin.

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What to see on a weekend in Turin with the family

Turin, but who said you’re not beautiful? So sang Antonello Venditti 40 years ago proving to have already understood everything. Welcome to Turin: these are the stages of a tour that enchants and amazes.

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Visiting the Royal Palace of Venaria in Turin

If you have chosen Turin as your next destination for a weekend, you can’t help but include in the itinerary a visit to one of the most beautiful attractions of the city: the Reggia di Venaria Reale. Out of curiosity, after seeing hundreds of pictures online, I wanted to see it with my own eyes...

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10 things to see in Turin

Turin is a magnificent city full of breathtaking squares, museums, monuments and churches, historical palaces, ancient cafeterias and, as a backdrop to all this wonder, the Alps stand out. If I intrigued you at least a little, I’ll introduce you to the Piedmontese capital and in particular the 10 things to see in Turin, or the attractions that you can not miss.

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What to do in Turin when it rains

There is a vast number of films and shorts dedicated to cities and metropolises in the rain, but still none about Turin. And it’s a shame. Because Turin in the rain is an experience just waiting to be lived! So, what to do in Turin when it rains?

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The Savoy Royal Residences in Turin

They are very much loved by the people of Turin and a must-see destination for tourists. While you await to discover your favourite - and I assure you, you’ll be spoiled for choice - here is a rundown of just some of the Savoy Royal Residences of Turin.

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Visit Turin, a 3-day itinerary

A 3-day itinerary to discover Turin, the Savoy Capital. Among iconic monuments, breathtaking views and galleries of yesteryear.

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What to do in San Salvario: the ultimate guide to the neighborhood

Laying on the left bank of the Po river, the district of San Salvario has gone from being a dangerous, unsafe neighborhood, to becoming one of the trendiest areas in the city and the beating heart of the nightlife in Turin. Let's find out more!

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Weekend in Turin: what to see in two days

Let there be no doubt, no city can be seen in just two days. Especially Turin. This may come as a surprise, but the old capital of the Duchy of Savoy is a city brimming with cultural museums, squares in which to while away the day, porticoes in which to enjoy a pleasant stroll, especially when it rains, historical cafés waiting to be sampled, and unique fountains...

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What to do on Valentine’s Day in Turin

When we think about Turin, we don’t immediately think of its romantic side. When we think about love, the first Italian cities to spring to mind are Florence and Venice. But do you know what? Don’t underestimate the romantic and passionate side of the ever more dynamic city of the House of Savoy

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