Must-see exhibitions in Turin

Spring-Summer 2024

The ultimate guide to the must see exhibition in spring 2024 in Turin

Spring has sprung in Turin, and with it a rich season of exhibitions enlivening the city and its museums. You will be spoilt for choice from the great exhibitions dedicated to the masters of the past to the most innovative contemporary art proposals. An unmissable opportunity to immerse oneself in art, photography, culture and history.

Here is a selection of exhibitions in Turin in spring 2024!


Must-see exhibitions in Turin, spring 2024


Expanded with

Until 25 August 2024

As part of the EXPOSED Torino Foto Festival, the Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea is hosting the "Expanded With" exhibition. An unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the photographic panorama of the last decades and discover its central role in today's art. Through the works of more than 30 international artists, you can explore the many facets of this medium, from documentary to conceptual photography, from performance to landscape photography.

Exhibitions in Turin, spring - summer 2024



La prima Monna Lisa

Until 26 May 2024

In the headquarters of the Società Promotrice delle Belle Arti, in the heart of the Valentino Park 800 metres from our hotel, there are two exhibitions 'The First Mona Lisa' and 'Ligabue. The Great Exhibition'. The Mona Lisa Foundation is exhibiting 'The First Mona Lisa', the painting of the Florentine woman Lisa del Giocondo, who became famous as Mona Lisa, painted about ten years before the iconic 'Mona Lisa' in the Louvre.

Hotel guests are entitled to a reduced rate. At check-in, they can request a card to present at the museum's ticket desk.



Robert Capa e Gerda Taro: la fotografia, l’amore, la guerra | Michele Pellegrino. Fotografie 1967-2023

Camera, the Italian Centre for Photography, is hosting two exhibitions: "Robert Capa and Gerda Taro: Photography, Love, War" and "Michele Pellegrino. Photographs 1967-2023".

14 February - 2 June 2024

The exhibition Robert Capa and Gerda Taro: Photography, Love, War offers an intense look at the lives and contribution to the history of photography of the exceptional photographer duo. In around 120 photographs, the exhibition recounts the professional and emotional bond that developed between them, culminating tragically with Gerda Taro's death during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

14 February - 14 April 2024

The exhibition Michele Pellegrino. Fotografie 1967-2023 consists of more than 50 images by Cuneo photographer Michele Pellegrino, a concise anthology of his entire creative career, including mountains, rituals, faces and moments from the peasant world, narrating the photographer's passion for his land and for photography.



Dinosauri. Terra dei Giganti

22 February - 30 June 2024

At Torino Porta Nuova Station you can visit an exhibition, perfect for families, where 20 exceptional dinosaurs await you, ready to surprise and enchant you with their prehistoric charm. Unique details such as the terizinosaurus claws up to 1 metre long and the mysterious Badajasaurus with more than twenty horns on its neck. A total immersion in a prehistoric world, thanks to a compelling reconstruction with original-size specimens, authentic fossils, footprints, sound effects and immersive videos.


Exhibitions in Turin, spring 2024


Cristina Mittermeier. La grande saggezza


14 March - 1 September

In the splendid setting of Turin's Gallerie d'Italia in Piazza San Carlo at Palazzo Turinetti, the exhibition 'Cristina Mittermeier. The Great Wisdom'. Through an exhibition in collaboration with National Geographic, Cristina Mittermeier, throughout her illustrious career as a photographer, marine biologist and activist, brings forward her message of environmental awareness, inviting the public to reflect on the fragility of the Earth's ecosystem and the urgent need to adopt sustainable practices to ensure a better future for the planet and future generations.


Exhibitions in Turin, spring - summer 2024


Guercino. Il mestiere del pittore

23 March - 28 July 2024

The Sale Chiablese, part of the Royal Museums of Turin, host an exhibition dedicated to the famous painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino, a leading figure in early 17th century Italian art. The focus of the exhibition is a collection of works from the collections of the Galleria Sabauda and the Royal Library, alongside paintings, drawings and engravings from national and international museums and collections.



Le ossa della Terra. Primo Levi e la montagna

26 January -13 October 2024

The National Mountain Museum in Turin, where there is a splendid view of the city, in collaboration with the Primo Levi Study Centre, celebrates Remembrance Day 2024 with the exhibition "The Bones of the Earth. Primo Levi and the Mountain". The exhibition reveals Levi's little-known relationship with the mountain, born during his adolescence and tragically linked to his destiny, through testimonies, historical photographs, objects and documents.



Ayrton Senna Forever

24 April - 13 October 2024

Thirty years after the death of Ayrton Senna, the National Automobile Museum is dedicating a major exhibition to the Brazilian driver that aims to explore two aspects of his life: the sporting history of the champion and the private history of a man who won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.



Capodimonte da Reggia a Museo. Cinque secoli di capolavori da Masaccio a Andy Warhol 

29 March - 15 September

On display at the Reggia di Venaria Reale are over sixty masterpieces from the art collections of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte, which include authentic masters such as Caravaggio, Titian, Masaccio and Parmigianino, to name but a few. A journey to discover an exceptional collection but also a fascinating history: that of a great museum that, over the centuries, has preserved some of the most prestigious art collections in Europe.