Turin with kids, 5 things to do in Turin with family

Turin with kids, 5 things to do in Turin with family

Turin is a wonderful city perfect for a weekend visit, but also for longer stays as we did for a weekend that stretched to discover this Italian wonder with our daughters. It was a beautiful trip because Turin possesses the ability to envelop you with a hug, to make you feel at home with its arcades and wide avenue, but at the same time it can amaze you with the magnificence of its squares, the variety of its restaurants and countless little stores that follow one another almost leading you to the most spectacular places in the city. Turin is perfect to wander around on foot, to browse and discover among galleries, arcades, pedestrian streets and large squares. Elegant and purposeful, gentle and kind, imposing, yet accessible to the attentive eye of those who want to discover it, with the respect it is due for its history and the architectural beauty it displays at every turn. I had the opportunity to relive it with my daughters and I decided to share with you five must-do things to do precisely in Turin with children that not only children will like, but also adults because they know how to amaze and intrigue the whole family.


Egyptian Museum


One cannot but start with the Egyptian Museum, a museum that the whole world envies us for the quantity of artifacts, the quality and the perfect display it can boast. It is a true journey through history that unfolds along four floors, 12,000 square meters and through 4,000 years of history, art and archaeology. It is a milestone for the history of Egypt, but not only: there are Roman, pre-Roman and prehistoric artifacts, along with a natural history section. Through a path that winds its way through the floors and then leads to a truly breathtaking room, the Egyptian Museum is undoubtedly a must-see in the city, as it is the oldest museum in the world (founded in 1824) devoted entirely to Egyptian culture. Between 1903 and 1937, archaeological excavations conducted in Egypt by Ernesto Schiaparelli and then Giulio Farina brought about 30,000 artifacts to Turin, and the museum currently holds a collection of about 40,000 artifacts, of which 3,300 objects are displayed in the museum rooms and about 12,000 in the Material Culture galleries.

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Egyptian Museum, things to do in Turin with children

5 things to do in the city with the family: Visit the Egyptian Museum


Automobile Museum


If I say Turin, the mind immediately flies to the city's elegance, regal architecture, but also to the automobile because this city has always been deeply connected to the automotive world, and a must-see if you are in Turin is definitely the Automobile Museum. This is a unique collection of cars, enhanced by the spectacular scenic contextualization created by Francois Confino: the MAUTO is a fascinating journey through history that tells how the automobile has influenced fashions, customs, scientific research and technological achievements in a constant innovative drive. Definitely not to be missed.


National Cinema Museum


In the wonderful and unique setting of the Mole Antonelliana is one of the most exciting exhibitions of cinema. Inside, you can discover firsthand the secrets hidden behind the camera and the stages leading up to the screening of a film, in an interactive and interesting itinerary that starts from the shadow theater and moves on to the most spectacular special effects of our time and virtual reality. Also not to be missed is the panoramic elevator inaugurated in 1961, which leads to the top of the Mole Antonelliana, the architectural symbol of the city of Turin, designed by architect Alessandro Antonelli in 1863.


5 things to do in Turin with the family: visit the Mole Antonelliana

5 things to do in Turin with the family: visit the National Cinema Museum


Valentino Park


The Valentino Park is undoubtedly the most famous park in Turin and is located along the banks of the Po River, situated in the San Salvario district close to Turin's historic center, just a stone's throw from DUPARC. It is a city park with an incredible size of 421,000 m². In the 2014 TripAdvisor ranking it is the most popular Italian park among tourists, and this note is not surprising because the Valentino Park, besides being an incredible green lung in the city, has inside it very important artistic works such as the Fountain of the Twelve Months, the Monument to the Artilleryman, the statue of Massimo d'Azeglio and other important busts and statues. Not only is it a very interesting space architecturally and scenically, but it is also the protagonist of walks, outdoor moments and games: perfect if you have children.

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The Planetarium

Those who love the stars, raise your hands! And here I can already see them raising their hands because the celestial vault, the galaxy and everything infinite we find above us has always intrigued and thrilled young and old alike. An unmissable stop in Turin, the Planetarium has the ability to catapult us into the sky through its high-tech projection room, which manages to give its guests an immersive experience with extraordinary three-dimensional effects. Then, within the same space, we find the Attilio Ferrari Museum of Astronomy and Space: a modern Science Center where one can experience scientific content and delve into astronomical topics: the perfect place to get even younger children excited about what we find beyond the Earth.




       WRITTEN BY: Laura Renieri, TheOldNow.it