Lobby at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino


DUPARC Contemporary Suites: the history of an iconic Turin hotel

DUPARC Contemporary Suites: Our history

The DUPARC Contemporary Suites, our hotel in central Turin, is housed in a modernist building designed by Laura Petrazzini and Corrado Levi based on a very innovative concept. That of creating:

“A hotel where you can feel at home. The safety, serenity and efficiency of a place where everything is designed to ensure guests feel at ease”.


Turin’s Residence Du Parc, now the DUPARC Contemporary Suites, was inaugurated in 1971, at a very delicate time for the city’s industrial development. Avant-garde in structure, over the years its 75 apartments welcomed numerous prestigious guests. Many high-powered executives and famous Teatro Regio actors chose the Residence Du Parc as their home from home. They would live at the DUPARC for months or even years, enjoying the roomy, comfortable apartments that continue to mark the facility to this day. Through word of mouth, by the late nineties there were long waiting lists for a stay at the DUPARC.

In the first ten years of the new millennium, industrial Turin began to change, and with it the needs of guests - and, hence, the Residence Du Parc itself. During the 2006 Olympics, the city came under the world spotlight, opening its doors to tourists for the first time and soon becoming a popular travel destination.


During this time, the DUPARC was enjoying considerable expansion! Maurizio and Manuel inaugurated the DUPARC Restaurant, offering a medley of traditional Piedmontese and Mediterranean flavours. Later, in 2007, the exclusive, Japanese-style DUPARC ORIENTAL SPA was inaugurated.


In 2014 - a year of great changes - a radical renovation project gave the Residence Du Parc a brand new face lift, turning it into one of the most prestigious designer hotels in Turin and changing its name to DUPARC Contemporary Suites!

DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino
DUPARC Restaurant, Torino
Spa at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino

This renovation came from the need to meet the expectations of modern day guests. Throughout the year, more than half of the apartments were completely refurbished, and new Junior Suites were created. While truly contemporary, the new Deluxe and Luxury apartments maintain a strong bond with the past through the use of designer furniture and the exhibition of many works of art.


The DUPARC Contemporary Suites is an ever-evolving hotel that has recently taken up a new challenge: that of creating new apartments and Junior Suites which respect the facility’s architecture and history while meeting the modern needs of guests. 2016 saw the inauguration of the first Family Apartment, designed with children in mind and with a particular attention to design. But this is just the first in a long line of innovations!


In January 2019, DUPARC officially joined Les Collectioneurs, the French group of hotels and restaurants run by Alain Ducasse. DUPARC was the only Turin hotel selected by the group, attracted as it was by its originality, architecture and hospitality.

DUPARC Contemporary Suites: hospitality and staff

“A hotel where you can feel at home. A place where everything is designed to ensure guests feel at ease.”

Our professional yet young and informal team will be ready to welcome you!


The staff at our hotel in central Turin is on hand from the time of booking and right through your stay. We’ll be delighted to help in any way possible, and will do our very best to deliver the best experience based on your own personal needs.


Like Laura Petrazzini and Corrado Levi, we wish to create a place where you can feel at home; a hotel to choose for a night or, like some of our guests, for a lifetime!

DUPARC Contemporary Suites: architecture, art and design

DUPARC Contemporary Suites: architecture

The DUPARC Contemporary Suites is a particularly interesting example of modernist architecture in Turin, built to fulfil the dream of architect Laura Petrazzini and contemporary artist Corrado Levi. One of the most modern examples of its style in the city, the Residence Du Parc was a truly cutting-edge, state-of-the-art building when it was first built.

Here, the architects combined the functionality of Italian rationalism with the expressiveness of brutalism. In rationalism, buildings seek to be as utilitarian as possible: materials and construction systems are subject to the paradigm according to which that which is functional is also beautiful; in brutalism, instead, construction elements are exposed and given an aesthetic value of their own. Following these movements, at the DUPARC Contemporary Suites, reinforced concrete and technical installations such as electric cable ducts are left in full view in all the common areas, while the aeration ducts are enhanced by the Logo no. 44, 2009 installation by Richard Woods, which extends vertically from the hall to the restaurant.

In 2007, the hotel won the ARCHITETTURE RIVELATE 2007 award for being “one of the most interesting projects in the aftermath of the Second World War, testifying to a continued rationalist research underscored by the expressiveness of exposed reinforced concrete, the essentiality of design and the most cutting-edge technological research”.


The aim of the ARCHITETTURE RIVELATE award, endorsed by Turin’s Order of Architects, is to promote and give visibility to works that, through their careful design and rational execution, help improve the quality of the built environment, as well as to reward the talent and professional commitment of architects.



DUPARC Contemporary Suites: architects

Laura Petrazzini (1931-86) graduated in 1959 from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia. In 2002, she was included in the Honor Roll of the Twentieth Century, a publication celebrating 38 professionals who have brought prestige to the profession with the quality of their works, their dedication to architecture, their cultural and academic production, and their participation in civil life.

Corrado Levi is an artist, writer, architect and professor at the Politecnico di Milano, as well as a collector and a talent scout. He is one of the most unusual and most interesting figures of the international art scene. He is well-known in Turin for his “Baci Rubati - Piercing” installation, produced in collaboration with Cliostraat and installed in Piazza Corpus Domini for Turin’s Biennale Giovani.

DUPARC Contemporary Suites: contemporary art

The hall and the apartments of the DUPARC Contemporary Suites were designed to host works of art. Once the construction work had been completed, the architects asked their artist friends to create works of art in line with the style of the architecture, thus creating a veritable art gallery and making the DUPARC the ideal hotel in Turin for art lovers.

Lobby at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino
Lobby at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino
Art at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino
Art at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino
Art at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino

The DUPARC displays works by the greatest Italian and international exponents of modern and contemporary art. Whether being loaned to or returned from exhibitions around the world, its works of art, which form part of a private collection, are always on the go.

In the hall, it is possible to admire works by well-known artists such as Pistoletto, Accardi, Penone, Rotella and Uncini, as well as installations by Richard Woods, Atelier Van Lieshout, Reyle and Le Corbusier. The suites and apartments house Michelangelo Pistoletto’s famous mirror paintings as well as works by Mario Schifano.

To give a sense of continuity with the past, during the 2014 renovations the artist Elisa Sighicelli created a number of installations especially for the DUPARC Contemporary Suites designer hotel, to be used as headboards in the renovated suites and apartments.


DUPARC Contemporary Suites: design

At DUPARC, design has always been the order of the day. The original apartments were conceived to host not just works of art but also designer furniture and accessories.

In these apartments, you can still enjoy some great 1970s classics by Vitra and Kartell, the Marsala/Safi armchair by Ligne Roset, the Tolomeo and Nesso lamps by Artemide, and the iconic Parentesi designed by Achille Castiglioni and Piero Manzù for Flos.

To give a sense of continuity with the past, during the latest renovations, the newer facilities were furnished with contemporary pieces by the brands originally selected by architect Petrazzini.

For over nine years, the DUPARC Contemporary Suites has hosted the IN Residence - Design Dialogues workshop, a project relating to the culture of design. The workshop interprets design as a process aimed at generating innovative ideas starting from creative resources, with a view to creating useful solutions that are also capable of arousing emotions. The IN Residence project in made up of a series of closely linked elements; in addition to the central event of the annual themed workshop (IN R / W: Workshop), the general programme also includes a number of exhibitions (IN R / E: Exhibition), a series of publications (IN R / D: Diary), a website (IN R / J: Journal), and occasional public meetings entitled “Design That Talks!”.

Lights at DUPARC Contemporary Suites, Torino