At DUPARC Contemporary Suites we work every day to reduce our impact on the environment and the society that surround us, doing our best not to inconvenience on our guests stay.

We strongly believe that every little action taken can make a difference and for this day after day we do everything possible to create a company that is increasingly attentive to the environment and the society around it.

Our commitment is to:

Close-up of hands holding water at Duparc Contemporary Suites

Reduction of water and energy consumption

We encourage our guests to re-use their bedsheets and changing towels more frequently. In addition, we have removed the tablecloths from our suites with kitchen, making it available only on request. These small gestures allow us to reduce the daily waste of water and energy given by the washing of fabrics.

During the renovations we are implementing energy efficient systems, which allow you to control the switching on and off of the lights and the automatic regulation of the temperature present in the suites, for an increasingly less impact on the environment.

In the new suites we have also installed systems with high water efficiency, which allow self regulation of power and water flows avoiding unnecessary dispersion.

Waste reduction

We have reduced our consumption of plastic by buying more sustainable and/or compostable materials. Where it was not possible to purchase these materials we have committed to buy recycled plastic. In addition, we chose an eco-friendly courtesy line with ingredients of natural origin.

We have reduced paper consumption throughout our facility and we are proud to infor you that our booking office is paper-free from January 2020. In addition, starting from 2021, we rely on a company that, through Printrelief, compensates for our consumption through reforestation.

We have been sorting waste for many years. We also put in all our rooms bins for the separate collection of waste inviting our guests to help us recycle during their stay.

Monteglio Spa poster used at Duparc Contemporary Suites
Charging Column for Electric Cars at Duparc Contemporary Suites

The other little attentions

We purchased dustbins, for our bathrooms, that supported the THE OCEAN CLEAN UP project, which developed a technology that rids the oceans of plastic.

We have provided 4 car parks with electric charging stations to accommodate also guests who believe in sustainable mobility.

For the minibar baked selection we choosed a small business from Piedmont.

Our social commitment


The FONDAZIONE FORMA ONLUS is the Foundation of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital of Turin, a pediatric center of national importance and a reference center for many children affected by different serious diseases. The Foundation is committed to buying scientific equipment, promoting specialized training courses for health care personnel, working in the childminding of hospital spaces, help families in difficulty and increase the visibility of the hospital through events.

The ASSOCIAZIONE ARKÈ , UN DENTISTA PER AMICO is responsible for providing free dental care for children in distress, in Italy and around the world, and provides guidance on oral hygiene among primary school children.