Low angle shot of the hotel at Duparc Contemporary Suites

DUPARC Contemporary Suites: art hotel in Turin, Italy

Contemporary art, unique architecture and design

The DUPARC Contemporary Suites is the art hotel in Turin where contemporary art lives.

A concrete and glass casket, the perfect mix between rationalism and brutalism architecture, which houses a large private collection of contemporary and Arte Povera works of art, always in motion, to be admired from the common areas up to the inside of the suites.

The address not to be missed for art lovers who want to stay in Turin.

DUPARC Contemporary Suites and contemporary art

Since day one contemporary art has always lived at the DUPARC Contemporary Suites. Here all the spaces have been designed to host artworkst, not exhibited as in a museum or a gallery, but as part of the environment and architecture that surrounds them.

Since its construction, in the seventies, the hotel has been designed by the architect Petrazzini and the artist Levi with this innovative concept of shared spaces, between people and works of art. To the point that the couple personally asked their friends, artists and exponents of contemporary art international and italian of the 60s and 70s, to create for the hotel artworks in tune with the environments and architecture.

The private collection is constantly growing and evolving. The works, both of the most established and emerging artists, move both inside the structure and outside, traveling the world between museums and temporary exhibitions.

Modern living area with sofa at Duparc Contemporary Suites
Modern lobby interior at Duparc Contemporary Suites
Interior view of Corrado Lev at Duparc Contemporary Suites
Bronze art at Duparc Contemporary Suites
Aesthetic living room interior at Duparc Contemporary Suites
Table, chairs, lamps & art at Duparc Contemporary Suites
Close-up of a bed set-up at Duparc Contemporary Suites

The collection

Browsing through our hall you will encounter among the most iconic works the "Gleaner" by Anselm Reyle, a tree by Giuseppe Penone, the meditation capsule by Atelier Van Lieshout, the Marylin by Mimmo Rotella, "Le Main Ouverte" by Le Corbusier, the installation "Logo no. 44" by Richard Woods and the reinforced concrete by Giuseppe Uncini and Michelangelo Pistoletto.


During your stay in the suites the  paintings by Mario Schifano and the iconic mirrored paintings by Michelangelo Pistoletto will keep you company. And in the most recent suites, to watch over your dreams, there are the headboards of the beds created specifically for the DUPARC by the Turinese artist Elisa Sighicelli.


Opened in 2022, SPAZIOP1 is a temporary gallery on the first floor of the hotel where emerging artists are on display.

Currently on display are the works of Apparatus22 an art collective founded in Bucharest that describes itself as "a collective of dreamers, researchers, poetic activists and (failed) futurologists interested in exploring the intricate relationships between economics, politics, gender studies, social movements, religion and fashion in order to understand contemporary society".

Arte alla Corti 2023 - Special Edition

DUPARC Contemporary Suites is a partner in the contemporary art event that unveils and revives the most beautiful courtyards in the city of Turin: Arte alle corti 2023.

From 5 October 2023 to 6 January 2024, more than 35 artists will occupy the courtyards and gardens of Turin's sometimes inaccessible historic palazzi, from the Baroque to the 20th century, which become treasure troves open to contemporary art and the public, in a dialogue that promotes today's art and makes people reinterpret past scenarios in a new light. In addition, an exhibition on the piano nobile of Palazzo Birago, the institutional headquarters of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, will bring together a nucleus of works that will be a stop on the city's visiting map.

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DUPARC Contemporary Suites and architecture

To welcome you a unique building of its kind, relevant among the buildings of Turin modernism.

Born in 1971 from the dream of the architect Laura Petrazzini and the contemporary artist Corrado Levi to create "a hotel in Turin center where you feel better than at home. The safety, tranquility and efficiency of a place where everything is thought for the guest to feel at home."

It is one of the urban presences, of the seventies, most modern; a building of impact and avant-garde for those years.

In the structure the architects have managed to combine the functionality of Italian rationalism with the expressiveness of brutalism.

In the Italian rationalism every building must reach the best possible utility, the materials used and the construction system must be subordinated to this requirement or what is functional is also beautiful; while in the architectural current of brutalism is attributed aesthetic value to the elements of the construction in view.

According to these principles, reinforced concrete has been left visible in all the common areas where the technical installations such as the electrical system channels have been left visible and the ventilation duct Installation "Logo no. 44, 2009" by Richard Woods, which runs vertically from the lobby to the restaurant.


DUPARC Contemporary Suites: the architects

Laura Petrazzini

Architect, he graduated in 1959 from the University Institute of Architecture in Venice. In 2002 it was included in the Honor Register of the twentieth century, an institution that handed down the memory of the 38 professionals who have given prestige to the category with the quality of the works, dedication to work, cultural and educational production, participation in civil life.

Corrado Levi

Artist and writer, architect and teacher at the Politecnico di Milano, but also a collector and discoverer of artistic talents. It represents one of the most singular and interesting figures on the international art scene. Known among the people of Turin for having realized, in collaboration with the group Cliostraat, the work "Baci Rubati - Piercing" in Piazza Corpus Domini for the Biennale Giovani in Turin.

Interior view of Corrado Levi Duparc Contemporary Suites

The Award Architetture Rivelate 2007

In 2007 the structure won the prestigious award from the Order of Architects of Turin ARCHITETTURE RIVELATE 2007 to be "one of the most interesting post-war projects that testifies to the continuity of rationalist research underlined by the expressiveness of reinforced concrete left visible, the essentiality of the design and the updated technological research".

The award ARCHITETTURE RIVELATE was established to make known and give visibility to works that, through a careful design interpretation and a coherent realization, help to determine a better quality of the built environment and to reward the ability and professional commitment of architects.

DUPARC Contemporary Suites and design

Since its opening at the DUPARC Contemporary Suites, design has been at home.

The original apartments have not only been designed to house the works of art but also to store pieces of furniture and design accessories.

Even now in the suites you can find the great 70s design classics by Vitra and Kartell, among the most famous pieces the Marsala/Safi armchair by Ligne Roset, Tolomeo and Nesso lamps by Artemide and the iconic brackets by Flos designed by Achille Castiglioni and Piero Manzù. To give a sense of continuity with the past, during the most recent renovations, more contemporary complements were selected but from the same brands selected by the architect Petrazzini.

The project IN Residence

Since 2009, DUPARC Contemporary Suites in collaboration with Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò, founder of BRH+, has supported the Cultural Association IN Residence Design. A non-profit cultural association whose objective is the design, organisation and realisation of projects for the promotion of contemporary design culture and which offers a unique opportunity to young interpreters of creativity.

Between 2009 and 2016, the IN Residence Design Dialogues workshop for young designers was hosted at the DUPARC Contemporary Suites, a project aimed at generating innovative ideas from creative resources, creating useful solutions capable of conveying emotions.

While starting in 2019, a new project IN Residence Residencies has come to life at DUPARC. The curators of the project select and invite two emerging designers to Turin who, during their stay, are involved in visits and meetings on the territory. Thanks to the suggestions gathered during the residency, the designers create two original projects that will be exhibited and marketed by some of the most prestigious galleries in the sector. In addition, the project includes the publication of two separate monographic books for international distribution.

People posing by a stairway near Duparc Contemporary Suites